Who We Are

The 1919 Network is dedicated to connecting talented, professional women and empowering them to create, develop, and innovate. By hosting meetups, workshops, panel discussions, information sessions and networking events, we want to bring together the city’s community of female creators.

Our mission is to create a culture of women in business working together to mentor and support one another and to diversify the technology industry.


Personal Development

Workshops and cohorts that help guide any women towards their potential. We look at self reflection, creating positivity, and finding happiness.


Professional Development

We endeavor to partner seasoned professionals with women who can benefit from their expertise and provide them with one-on-one and group opportunities designed to assist them in reaching their personal and career goals.



New business development is the most important goal of The 1919 Network. To assure that women receive sound business support and advice, we will provide workshops, trainings and seminars on topics that are important to business start-up, growth and sustainability. As well, qualified business owners will have the opportunity to participate in The 1919 Network’s business accelerator program.